Apple is proof that a good idea in the right hands, guarantees best results, because of the seemingly unrealistic idea of creating a "smart" machine that originated in the minds of two friends, began one of the most famous and successful corporations in the world. The company's founders – Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak met in 1971.

Apple was officially registered in 1976, although the first computers were assembled and sold by its founders for a couple of years before. Apple II, released in 1977, became the first personal computer produced millions of copies. In 1984 Apple released the first 32-bit Mac. Until January 2007 the official name was "Apple Computer Inc.". Now we know her simply as "Apple," which has become an indicator of change of focus of the Corporation: mastering the market for computers and everything connected with them, Apple is gradually opened markets not directly associated with a PC. In 2001 the company released the iPod music player, in 2007 – iPhone, 2010 – iPad. In between, the company opened the most popular online store digital video, audio and gaming content.

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In the company's history Apple had everything: a huge success, and the risk of failure. But she survived, receiving only an invaluable experience. It's safe to say that Apple is a company that was, is and will be at least another 100 years.

Their mission Apple is outlined as follows: the company offers computers of the highest quality for all people around the world. Marketing strategy of Apple is built on three pillars:

Now we know why so carefully prepared all presentation of the event Apple, why even when opening the packaging with the new product we feel the touch to something great and really stood.

Competitive advantages of Apple are: large financial opportunities that allows the company to stay ahead of competitors; careful monitoring of demand on the market of digital technology and the ability to quickly present the consumer with what he needs; a serious approach to business, which ensures a high level of reputation of the company; the ability to select only highly qualified employees to your staff; the giving of any new product is relatively simple to use for the consumer, and also as an element of the image of a person or company.

Now, Apple owns more than 5,000 patents and designs, and Apple's iPhone 5 were sold in the amount of 9 000 000 devices in just three days after the first presentation. This is the most important indicator of the success of the company.