Corel is not one single product that the whole world knows. We are talking about a Suite of powerful graphics programs CorelDRAW. This set of programs were developed in 1989, four years after the founding of the company Corel. And thanks to the popularity of this product, the company has become one of the leaders of the software market to work with computer graphics.

Wikipedia Corel

Corel was founded in 1985 by Michael Coupledom. Stands for the company name as the abbreviation COwpland REsearch Laboratory is a research laboratory of Copeland. The first rise in the company's activity occurred while the market launch of CorelDRAW. This Suite of graphics applications has become very popular on the territory of both the US and in Europe, thanks to its powerful functionality. An earlier version was compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh and Linux. Later, in 2002, CorelDRAW only works on Windows.

The company started its activity with the development of a variety of desktop publishing. But its activities focused on how to create a full-fledged graphical computer application with wide range of functions. The result of these aspirations – the creation of CorelDRAW. A significant step forward was made by the company Corel with the release of Windows 3.1 where it was used the software True Type. This allowed for CorelDRAW to become a reliable graphic editor that can apply a contour system fonts, without using additional programs. After seven years on the market of new products – WordPerfect.

The mid-nineties is the time when the company preoriented on broadening the range of developed products. Since 1996 in the line of Wikipedia Corel software appears office application that has made a worthy competition to MS Office. It happened due to the incompatibility with various operating systems.

The heyday of the company resulted in some miscalculations made by the management. So, the task was to develop an operating system and adapted graphics software under it. With much effort, the mass of spent time and Finance saw the light of Corel Linux OS. However, the market has not had proper attention to the new product and campaign for the introduction of the product failed, despite the fact that the system itself was quite good and functional.

The result of the company's financial condition significantly deteriorated. In 2000, Michael Copeland left his post of the head. Then for several years, Corel has absorbed quite a large company, which developed the software. In particular, Jasc Software, InterVideo and Ulead, and other firms. This has helped to diversify the range of produced software, in particular for popular video editing software Pinnacle Studio. Another significant acquisition – WinZip. This gave the opportunity to have a huge profit when distributing the popular program to backup and encrypt them.

To date, the company's products Corel use more than one hundred million people around the world. Their anti-piracy Corporation is very original: conducts educational work among consumers and potential customers regarding the positive aspects of using licensed software.