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Yahoo! Inc. is a global technology company that specializiruetsya on how to do common activities for people around the world inspiring and interesting. The company is committed to creating personalized experiences for users regardless of how they access services, mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Every month, more than 800 million users have access to what they need, with the help of convenient services, some of which operate on the basis of Flickr and Tumblr. The company belongs to the technology sector.

The main share of revenue accounted for, display advertising and search advertising. The company creates value for advertisers, offering a set of optimized, simplified advertising technology that uses data, reach and Analytics of the Company in order to connect advertisers with their target audience. For advertisers, the opportunity to be a part of the daily Affairs of the Company users is a powerful tool to drive brand engagement and loyalty to their brands.

The company was founded in 1995 and is a Corporation established under the laws of the state of Delaware. The headquarters of Yahoo! Inc. is located at California, USA.

The Company's ordinary shares were listed on the stock exchange, The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC, where they are traded under the symbol YHOO. As of 14 February 2014 in the register of shareholders of the Company was registered 9 551 shareholder. On the above date it was released and was in circulation 1 009 392 339 ordinary shares. On November 20, 2014, the closing price of the shares amounted to 51.25 USD. Minimum and maximum stock price over the 52 weeks prior to 20 November 2014, was of 32.15 and 52,62 of the U.S. dollar, respectively.

The company has never declared nor paid cash dividends on its ordinary shares and currently has no plans to pay cash dividends in the foreseeable future.